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Annual leave certification will run Sept. 25 – Oct. 25

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s annual leave certification window was postponed. The current certification cycle begins Sept. 25 and ends Oct. 25. 

Each year, University of Colorado employees must review their vacation and sick leave balances and certify that they’re correct, then supervisors must approve their direct reports’ leave certifications in accordance with Board of Regents Policy

There are some changes to consider, foremost being that the pandemic disrupted the ability for some employees to take leave. Consequently, CU campuses and the system office were allowed to revise their leave carryover policies for 2020, and some chose to do so. This year, a leave balance in excess of standard carryover limits is not an automatic indicator of an incorrect leave balance, depending on your campus. Please contact your campus HR if you have any questions regarding leave balances.

Employee and supervisor guides

Employees will receive emails notifying them of the leave certification process and deadlines, and they will stop receiving them once they certify. If your employees or their supervisors need instructions to complete the leave certification process, please direct them to instructions and printed guides on the Leave Certification webpage.

Identify employees who need to certify

Your offices will need to identify employees who haven’t yet certified their leave. Use the Leave Certification Status query (CUES_HCM_LEAVE_CERT_STATUS) to generate a list of employees with data on whether they’ve submitted their certified leave or not. You can access this query through HCM Work Center Tile > CU HCM User WorkCenter > Resources tab > Query Manager > Click here for ALL. When prompted, enter 2020 into the Fiscal Year box.

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