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3 ways to prepare for year-end and W-2 processing

Year-end is just around the corner. Please ask employees in your department to follow these three steps to ensure addresses, Social Security Numbers and paychecks are correct. This will  help to ensure employees receiving  error–free W-2 forms, allowing them to file taxes without delay.

1: Validate and update your addresses

All employees should have mailing and home addresses on file. Important documents, such as W-2s, are sent to the mailing address in the portal. Because of this, it is important to verify that they are correct. Validate and update them by:

  1. Logging into the portal, selecting My Info and choosing Employee Profile from the menu.

Employee Portal

  1. Reviewing the mailing and home addresses. 

Personal Details

  1. If they are not correct, you can update them by clicking on the Home Address and Mailing Address boxes.
  2. The following screen will populate allowing you to update your information and save it.


2: Verify your Social Security Number

The next step is to confirm your Social Security Number is correct. Incorrect numbers will affect W-2s, potentially causing issues with the IRS. Check your number by:

  1. Selecting Additional Information.
  2. Additional authentication will be requested. Once authorized, you will be able to access the Additional Information window to view the Social Security Number on file.

Personal Details

  1. If your number is incorrect, contact your Human Resources department immediately.

3: Check your pay advice every payday

Checking your pay advice after receiving your pay ensures your earnings are correct. This lessens the chance of having to make corrections to your W-2, which can cause delays when filing taxes. Access your Pay Advice by:

  1. Logging into the portal.
  2. Selecting the My Compensation button and Pay Advice from the menu.

Pay Advice

Get started

Confirming your information is quick and easy. Get started by visiting the portal.

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