See details on the HCM updates we've made this week.
Employee Services is bringing flu shot clinics to each CU Campus from Oct. 3-31.
CU Funding History page has been updated to include department number
See the latest updates to HCM this week.
Be sure you are using the correct earnings code to enter late pay or other items for predoc recipients.
Omada, a new component of CU Health Plan – Prevent, wants to help participants at risk for serious illness say goodbye to unhealthy habits more easily by providing guidance, help and support.
Three new web forms are available for submitting HCM report and query requests.
The ePAR Facutly Election page will be removed Sept. 17.
Some employees are seeing an error message when entering September events. Please review the current workaround for this issue.
New queries allow you to pull details on Work-Study students, such as their limits and earnings.