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Weekly Digest | July 13, 2020

eComm User and License Management Policy

July Login Audit

  • Jen Mortensen will be conducting the 6-month login review for July today and will have a spreadsheet ready to share with the team tomorrow.

eComm Chatter Notification Groups

  • Daniella Torres added all of our Salesforce and Marketing Cloud users to a new Chatter notifications group today. All added users received an email notification regarding their membership and the purpose of the group.
  • We have postponed adding Cvent users at this time due to the fact that we cannot currently communicate in Chatter with users who hold a Cvent license only. We believe that a Chatter Free license could resolve this issue and are investigating further. 

Upcoming Dashboard Virtual Training

  • The System team sent the training invitation for our upcoming virtual dashboard sessions last Friday. We were alerted that there were some issues with how Outlook responded to the "Add to Calendar" links (on desktop vs. mobile and on the web app). We'll try to resolve that issue this week and plan to send a reminder email on Wednesday. 

Project and Pilot Updates

  • Dashcord: The project team (Melanie Jones, Jen Mortensen, Lisa Carr) has received access to Dashcord's online help resources. They are beginning to review those to gain a deeper understanding of the product and its support resources.
  • Journey Builder: Melanie Jones has been working with Nonie Roberts and Devs United on a Journey Builder pilot using the license object as a data source and SQL queries to enable the use of multiple email fields. We're currently preparing to test the journey internally with plans for a phased campus roll-out. The order and assocated timelines have yet to be determined.
  • Subscription Forms: The project team (Jessica Raab, Amber Bartlett, Jen Mortensen, Nonie Roberts) has shared the subscription form requirements documentation with Marketing Cloud and is waiting to hear back about what is possible.
  • User Fee and Budget Timeline: Jill Ibeck and her team are reviewing a draft budget timeline based on the feedback gathered from your campuses about the timeliness of notifications. We hope to have a new process and communication plan ready for your review in the next few weeks.

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