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Understanding GDPR

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may soon impact how CU does business. GDPR establishes a new set of standards for data privacy that affects how the University handles data collected while individuals are in the EU and gives relevant EU data subjects certain rights over their data. We value the privacy of CU’s constituents and want to provide an update and guidance to the CU community about how best to respond to GDPR related inquiries you may receive.

A core group, including members from the Office of Information Security and Office of University Counsel, has been evaluating the impact of GDPR at CU. This group is working closely with campus compliance officers and departments that we expect to be most impacted by GDPR. If you would like to discuss the impact of GDPR on your department, contact us for more information.

Beyond making certain that your department knows how to process any requests it receives, you do not need to make any changes immediately. It will take some time for organizations around the world to sort through, understand, and determine the implications of the GDPR requirements, as well as figure out how best to meet them. Watch for more information as the University's GDPR working group continues to make progress on this very important initiative. Please direct any questions or concerns to

Visit the Office of Information Security website to learn more