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MEC Weekly Digest | September 27, 2019

October New User Journey

  • Thanks to everyone for the great discussion around new user training at last week's MEC meeting.
  • Melanie Jones and Jen Mortensen have been working on developing a new user journey with three different learning paths (in-person, live virtual, on-demand) and associated communications that will begin for users being provisioned in October.
  • Thanks to those of you who offered feedback on the new user training completion quiz. A final version is available online.
  • If you'd like to be part of the journey to experience an introduction to eComm as a new user, contact Melanie Jones.

Intermediate User Training Available

 Cvent Flex

  • The Cvent Flex committee has wrapped up its work, and determining when to roll out Flex on your campus is in your hands.
  • Here are a couple examples of Flex in action (remember, these are live events, so please do not complete a registration).
  • System plans to roll out Flex beginning in November.
  • When you determine when to roll Flex out to your users, contact Melanie Jones for assistance in offering training.
    • Need training as an eComm Specialist before supporting users? View our Flex training wiki.

 System Rolling Out Dashboards to Users

  • Melanie Jones and Daniella Torres are hosting a dashboard rollout for System users on October 9. They built one dashboard for all of our System users that we hope will help guide strategic decision making.
  • Here are a couple examples to inspire your own Dashboard Journey:
  • If you're interested in learning more about how System achieved this goal, we'd be happy to discuss and offer training so you can do the same for your users. Please contact Melanie Jones to discuss options.

New Wikis this Week

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks