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MEC Weekly Digest | October 27, 2020

November Provisioning

  • November Provisioning: Submit and approve all requests by EOD, Friday Oct. 30. New users can expect credentials to be available on Wed., Nov. 4.
  • Reminder: Please be sure to submit provisioning requests with the correct eComm specialist listed. We have seen numerous submissions indicating Caroline Fetterolf as the eComm Specialist due to her being the alphabetical default. 

October Deprovisioning

  • Update: Jen Mortensen completed the Oct. login audit and notified users who will be deprovisioned accordingly. She posted an update in Chatter and will double check the last login data on Friday, Oct. 30 to ensure that no affected users have logged in since receiving the notification.

Business Unit Visibility

  • Issue: We noticed that not all MECs had access to view all Marketing Cloud Business Units.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen updated all of the MEC's access so that all business units are now visible.

Marketing Cloud - Chrome Blocking Mixed Content

  • Update: As mentioned in the Oct. 20 digest, an update to Google Chrome is causing image visibility issues for both users in Marketing Cloud and recipients of Marketing Cloud messages. The COE is working with Marketing Cloud to acquire and set up SSL certificates.
  • Communication to Users:
    • Jen Mortensen posted additional information in Chatter if you need details to share with your users.
    • Melanie Jones will be sharing information about this issue with users via the Oct. eComm newsletter this week as well.

Cvent Failed Transaction Notifications

  • Issue: We've encountered some recent issues with payment processing between Cvent and While the payment processing issues have been resolved, some users would like to receive more timely notifications when transactions fail.
  • Solution: Cvent Event Planner notifications allow event planners to automatically receive an email when a transaction fails:
    • Promotion & Communication > Planner Alerts > Payments > Transaction Failed

Cvent Subscription Forms Moving to Form Assembly

  • Update: As mentioned in recent digests, the COE is making progress on Form Assembly as a replacement for Cvent subscription forms. Melanie Jones will hold a license and support subscription needs with MEC coordination.
    • Strategic Relations will also hold a license and support their subscription needs.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Please document your subscription form needs within tab three of our spreadsheet so we can understand the initial scope. Contact Melanie Jones for the spreadsheetl link.

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