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MEC Weekly Digest | October 20, 2020

Form Assembly Update

  • Update: As mentioned in last week's digest, the CoE is making progress on Form Assembly as a replacement for Cvent subscription forms. Melanie Jones will hold a license and support subscription needs with MEC coordination.
    • Strategic Relations will also hold a license and support their subscription needs.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Please document your subscription form needs within tab three of our spreadsheet so we can understand the initial scope. Contact Melanie Jones for the link.

Marketing Cloud - Chrome Blocking Mixed Content

  • Issue: Google has announced a plan to begin blocking mixed content downloads in Google Chrome to protect users from insecure downloads. Google’s phased rollout plan begins with a browser warning and then advances to blocking mixed content downloads. Google’s effort began in September and will continue through the next several Chrome releases. See Marketing Cloud - Chrome Blocking Mixed Content for more information.
  • Impact: This may affect your end users’ ability to access non-HTTPS downloads or images stored on secure pages within Salesforce. 
    • Images
      If a user is viewing a secure webpage (HTTPS), and if any of the content displayed as part of the webpage is hosted on a non-secure link (HTTP), then the content (for example, image or video) will be displayed as a broken image.
    • Downloads
      If a user is viewing a secure webpage (HTTPS), if there is a download link or attachment in the webpage, and if the corresponding content is hosted on a non-secure site (HTTP or FTP only), then clicking on the link will result in error.
  • Solution: It appears that the solution to this issue is to purchase and enable SSL packages. The system team is working with the COE to assess our options. We've already noticed that the change is affecting the visibility of images on our email preference pages. We will provide updates as we learn more.

Audit of Existing Email Preferences

  • Issue: We've noticed sporadic issues with email preferences for all campuses.
  • Solution: Rebecca Lankford at the COE is conducting an audit of current email preferences to ensure that all pages are structured and functioning as desired. She's currently completed the audits for Anschutz and UCCS, and the system team is reviewing her findings. We'll reach out to the campuses as needed throughout this audit process.

Email Preference Requests

  • Q4 of CY20: The COE has completed work on our Q4 preference requests, and the system team has completed testing.
  • Q1 of CY21: We'll reach out to you to request your Q1 preferences for CY '21 in December. We're making some changes to our submission process in the hope of making it easier to navigate for all involved in the process.

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