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MEC Weekly Digest | October 19, 2021

Cvent IP Address Ranges

  • Reminder: Please ensure that your campuses add the following IP address range to their allowlist: ( More information can be found in the Oct.15 "Cvent IP Allowlist Update" Chatter post from Jen Mortensen.

Business Unit Assessment

  • Issue: Based on ongoing program growth, we are nearing our business unit capacity in MC03. 
  • Next Steps: Jen Mortensen will soon be conducting a business unit audit to identify efficiencies going forward. She will discuss options with each campus team individually before any decisions are made. If you have ideas to share, please contact Jen.

POI Data Update

  • Update: The eComm team has been continuing conversations with UIS regarding the possibility of adding POI data to Salesforce in the future. Since there is a vast amount of POI data available, we will be working to identify specific business needs that require this data to help us identify what POI population would be relevant to house in Salesforce.
  • Next Steps: We don't expect this to be a quick fix, so this topic will remain on our backlog of future enhancements. However, Jen Mortensen and Daniella Torres will be reaching out to discuss and document your campus' POI communication requirements in the near future.

Preferred Name Update

  • Update: Jen Mortensen met with Bob Sudo and Al Wirtes from UIS to discuss the business needs for housing preferred name in Salesforce. While the business need is present, there are complexities associated with this data between source systems, including the fact that not all preferred names match across systems.
  • Next Steps: Upon further discussion, we believe that the preferred name issue affects many programs across CU, and therefore we do not want to implement a solution without taking governance into account. Lisa Carr and Jen Mortensen plan to continue the conversation with UIS and other key teams going forward.
  • Workaround: If you wish to use preferred name from a specific source system in your communications, you can request a list of constituents with IDs from the appropriate source system team and upload the data to Marketing Cloud. 

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • CRM03-CRM01 Email Opt Outs: Work is ongoing.
  • GeoPointe Address Addition: Testing underway.
  • Marketing Cloud Multi-factor Authentication: Winter '21-'22
  • Marketing Cloud Reply Mail Management (RMM): Investigation ongoing.

Ongoing Data Monitoring