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MEC Weekly Digest | October 12, 2020

Success Stories

  • Provisioning: Oct. marked the 2nd month of having 100% of provisioning requests with Pre-Access Requirements submitted before the end of the month.

Increase in CAN-SPAM Violations

  • CAN-SPAM Compliance: We've been noticing an increasing number of CAN-SPAM violations this semester. Please remember the key steps to CAN-SPAM compliance below:
    • Reports:
      • For commercial communications, you MUST include the report filters Meets eComm Contact Criteria = Yes and the specific preference being used = True for the send (example: CU Connections = True). Commercial reports that do not contain these filters violate CAN-SPAM.
      • For transactional communications, you MUST include the report filter Deceased = False. Transactional reports that do not contain this filter violate CAN-SPAM.
    • Data Extensions
      • For all data extensions, you MUST set the Update Type to Overwite. Data extensions set to Add & Update, Add Only, or Update Only violate CAN-SPAM.
      • All data extensions MUST be started/imported prior to a send (ideally as close to the send as possible, but at minimum the same day). Data extensions that are not imported prior to a send violate CAN-SPAM.

October Login Audit

  • Update: Jen Mortensen will begin the October login audit on October 12 and will have a spreadsheet ready for the team to review by October 13. We will plan to notify identified users on October 19.

Form Assembly Update

  • Update: The CoE is continuing to explore Form Assembly as a replacement for using Cvent to collect subscriptions. Melanie Jones will hold a license and support subscription needs with MEC coordination.
    • Strategic Relations will also hold a license and support their subscription needs.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Please document your subscription form needs within our spreadsheet (contact Melanie Jones for link) so we can understand the initial scope.

Concatenated Employee and Student IDs

  • Issue: Certain contacts merged in MDM had concatenated Employee and/or Student IDs instead of a single surviving one. 
  • Impact: These contacts were not being matched on during Apsona uploads and were being left off of communications.
  • Solution: Daniella Torres worked with the UIS Integrations team to prioritize a fix for this issue. All of the incorrect Employee IDs have been fixed; the number of affected contacts went from 338 to 0. UIS is still working on fixing the Student IDs, but the number has decreased from 1,277 to 9. 

Q4 Email Preference Requests

  • Update: The COE has completed work on the remaining Q4 email preferences for Denver and Anschutz. The System team is currently testing; we will contact the appropriate MEC when the preferences are ready for users.

MEC Group Chatter Reminder

  • Reminder: When posting to the MECs in Chatter, please be sure you are posting from the MEC Chatter group to ensure that your communication is viewable to the intended audience (other MECs) only.

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