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MEC Weekly Digest | Oct. 10, 2022

Cvent Payment/Refund Processing

  • Update: After several months of troubleshooting the July payment/refund processing issues with Cvent,, and Wells Fargo, we were unable to identify the root cause of the problem. Since August and September transactions have settled without broad issues, we have elected to close the support cases and devote additional resources to ongoing monitoring. Jen Mortensen will send an update to Cvent users on Oct. 11 and will be available to answer questions as needed.

Profile Attribute Name Change

  • Update: When preferred name capabilities in Marketing Cloud launched on Sept. 12, we changed the name of the First Name profile attribute to Legal Name to reflect the new integration for the existing First Name field in Salesforce. However, this change prevented us from personalizing communications to Standard Contacts, so we reverted the attribute name to First Name. The attribute is item 80 on the dropdown list to reduce the potential for confusion among current users. As a reminder, the First Name profile attribute should only be selected if you want to personalize your email with a constituent's legal name. Otherwise, to personalize with student, employee, or alumni/donor preferred name, select the appropriate profile attribute.

Email Preferences and Business Units

  • Q3 Requests: Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres have completed work and testing on Q3 email preference and business unit requests. Please reach out if you have any questions about your submissions.
  • Email Preference Audit: Lauren Galena completed an extensive audit of all email preferences to document errors and/or gaps in functionality. After reviewing her findings, the team has elected to address only the items that are urgent in nature (i.e. that would lead to a CAN-SPAM violation) and to devote additional time and resources to exploring an alternative solution.
  • New Solution Research/Requirements: Claire Hamilton has reviewed previous email preference center requirements that we gathered in 2020/2021 and is investigating potential solutions and models. She will provide an update at our next team meeting, during which we will have a larger discussion. 

Items for MEC Action

  • Event Management Requirements Review (by Oct. 14): We have documented requirements for an event management tool in preparation for the RFP launch. Please review the spreadsheet and share your feedback by Oct. 14.
  • Geopointe Licenses (by Oct. 14): Per the chatter notification, if you are interested in obtaining/retaining a GeoPointe license, please contact Jen Mortensen.
  • October Last Login Audit (by Oct. 14): Jen Mortensen will share an updated last login spreadsheet via Chatter on Oct. 11. Please review and complete column E by close of business on Oct. 14. User notifications will go out on Oct. 17.
  • Leadership/Stakeholder Review (by Oct. 21): We are preparing to communicate with campus leadership, stakeholders, and users re: progress with the eComm roadmap. Please review and edit your campus leadership/stakeholders lists by Oct. 21. Jen Mortensen will share a draft of the communication before it is sent.
  • Data Extension Automation Pilot (ongoing): A pilot to automate all data extensions at CU Anschutz and UCCS will be launching soon. If your campus would like to participate, please contact Jen Mortensen.
  • Dynamic Content Pilot (ongoing): With the launch of synchronized data, we're now able to work more effectively with Dynamic Content. Mel Jones is working with CU Anschutz and UCCS on specific opportunities for enablement. If you are interested in learning more including steps to get started, please review our Dynamic Content wiki.
  • Einstein Pilot (ongoing): We're continuing to explore Einstein's capabilities based on activation in several business units. If you'd like to have Einstein enabled in a specific business unit, please let us know
  • Enhancement Rollout Strategy (ongoing): Given the increased pace of change and available enhancements, we've developed an enhancement rollout timeline to help guide the process and increase MEC/user engagement. Please review the general timeline at your convenience and share your feedback.
  • Journey Builder Pilot (ongoing): We are currently working with CU Anschutz and UCCS on journey builder pilots. If you have a specific use case you'd like to explore, please submit a help ticket and select "Journey Builder Pilot." We'll be sharing a few success stories and examples at our next team meeting.

New/Updated Wikis and Resources

Ongoing Data Monitoring