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MEC Weekly Digest | November 22, 2019

Email Preferences: New Process

  • Issue: eComm is currently on-hold for adding or modifying email preferences due to the volume of work and associated costs involved with these changes. While our preferences help us with compliance, we are looking for a better, more streamlined experience for our email recipients. We are therefore limiting the expansion of these preferences.
  • Impact: We are struggling to onboard new users who do not fit into an existing email preference category.
  • Solution: Moving forward, eComm and the COE will now be processing new preferences and preference changes on a quarterly basis (see below for request submission deadlines). Submit your preference requests for consideration using TaskRay by the specified date so that the COE can incorporate the requests into quarterly planning. The COE will take in requests which are placed in a backlog for future consideration. Note that submissions are placed in a CRM backlog and ALL submissions first undergo prioritization, approval, and COE team assignment BEFORE any work begins.  
    • Submit by December 1 (for work to be completed in March)
    • Submit by March 1 (for work to be completed in June)
    • In late spring 2020, we will evaluate the process and adjust as needed for FY21.
  • Criteria for Submissions: Given the number of hours involved in creating and modifying email preferences, requests must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for approval:
    • The request must be for a new eComm user/department who cannot fit into an existing preference category (example: UCCS Bookstore)
    • The request must be for a formalized name change of a college, department, or unit (example: recent department restructuring at Denver and Anschutz)
    • MECs must demonstrate that they have evaluated all options before proceeding with a new preference or a change to a preference. If a user can fit into an existing preference category, requests will likely not be approved without solid strategic reasoning.

Cvent Flex Rollout

  • At the November MEC meeting, System, Advancement, Denver, and UCCS decided to roll out Flex to their users in January.
  • Anschutz and some members of the Boulder team were not present at the meeting; they are welcome to join the other campuses in January or select a different date.

eComm eNews Engagement

  • Issue: Several MECs asked how our users are engaging with the eComm monthly newsletter.
  • Solution: Melanie Jones made an eComm engagement dashboard that includes both monthly newsletter data as well as data for the MEC weekly digest. A few highlights are as follows:
    • The lowest open rate for the monthly newsletter is 53.5% with a click rate of 6.4%.
    • The highest open rate for the monthly newsletter is 57% with a click rate of 11.1%.

Wiki Index: Project Complete

  • Update: The wiki index project (promoted to users as the eComm Help Guide) is complete. You can view the guide online. It contains answers to over 230 frequently asked questions broken down as follows:
    • Salesforce: 64 questions divided into 13 categories 
    • Marketing Cloud: 71 questions divided into 21 categories
    • Cvent: 95 questions divided into 29 categories

Unexpected Sender Profile Changes

  • Issue: Daniella Torres noticed some unexpected changes to sender profiles on 11/15 that are documented in INC0611280 (screen shots included in TaskRay; updates are included in the ticket).
  • Impact: Functionality is not affected.
  • Update: We are continuing to work with Marketing Cloud on investigating and resolving this issue. We are in touch with a case manager and are getting closer to resolution.

Cvent Integration

  • Update: We reported in last week's digest that Cvent had completed remaining changes to the integration so that guest participation status would match the participation status of the primary registrant. Upon checking Cvent's work, however, we discovered that they neglected to update the integration for guests of attendees who are marked as no show (the guest status remains registered). Kalman Sweetwine and Nonie Roberts are working with Cvent to resolve.

New Wikis This Week

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring