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MEC Weekly Digest | November 11, 2019

eComm Subcommittee Update

  • Ken McConnellogue presented recent eComm Subcommittee work to the CFOs at the end of October. His presentation focused on eComm program governance, budget/structure, and constituent-centered communication. Additional details are below:
    • Governance: The CFOs agreed with the recommendation to form an eComm governance committee that will have a wide scope, including developing a data-sharing protocol. They are going to have conversations on their campuses and suggest names for the committee in early November.
    • Budget/Structure: They also agreed that eComm will be part of the tech-enablement RFP that will soon be awarded. This is an initiative President Kennedy directed that will look at CU’s significant data systems and how they work together (or don’t). Part of that effort (which emerged from the committee's recommendation) will assess eComm structure and costs, with an eye on articulating a consistent funding and support model. It will be informed by the work of our budget/structure committee. 
    • Constituent-Centered Communication: The CFOs were also enthusiastic about the work of the constituent-centered communication group. One of the tasks of the governance committee will be to determine how to adopt those best practices.

 Wiki Index Update

  • Update: Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the question structure for the new wiki index. The System eComm team has nearly completed the Salesforce section of the index and hopes to be completely done with the resources for that application by the end of the day on Monday, November 11. 
    • The Marketing Cloud section completion goal is Friday, November 15, and the Cvent section completion goal is Friday, November 22.
    • Our hope is to roll out the new index in our November eComm newsletter during the last week of the month.

 Cvent Integration Update

  • Issue: As mentioned in the November 4 Weekly Digest, Kalman is continuing to work with Cvent to address a few remaining integration issues and has good news to report.
    • Cvent will update the integration so that guest registration statuses will update in the same way as the statuses of primary registrants (canceled = canceled, registered = no show, attended = attended, etc.)
    • When the integration is updated, the fixes will automatically be put into place in all event campaigns that have been created in CRM03. We will need to verify that everything looks correct, so the System team will let you know when we are ready to proceed with that process.

 CU Footer for All Emails - Opt Out of all Emails

  • Issue: The System eComm team discovered an error when using the CU Footer for All Emails to opt out of all CU communications.
  • Impact: Attempting to opt out of all emails generates an error message (see INC0609313).
  • Solution: Jeff Benn at the COE has already identified the source of the ampscript error and is working with the ops team to correct it.
  • Workaround: Although constituents receive an error message, they are still successfully opted out of emails in Salesforce.

Email Preference Management Update

  • Update: eComm is continuing to work the COE to determine a solution to ongoing management of email preferences. Nalini and the COE team are currently testing a solution and will have an update for us next week.
  • Reminder: All email preference changes (new, modify, delete) are currently on hold until a solution is determined.

New Wikis This Week

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