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MEC Weekly Digest | May 4, 2020

Marketing Cloud Performance Impact Statement

  • Issue: As we all know, we've been struggling with performance issues in Marketing Cloud for some time.
  • Impact: Jessica Raab did a fantastic job of capturing and documenting the communication impacts of the outages on March 17, April 14, and April 21.
  • Next Steps: Caroline Kelly began a section of the document devoted to the impacts of the broken connector, and Jen Mortensen began a section devoted to the ongoing issues associated with negative send numbers in Salesforce. We'll have more information for you soon.

Cvent Contract Negotiation and Renewal

  • Issue: Nalini Kaplan and Jen Mortensen met with the Cvent team on May 1 to discuss the contract for the coming year. Recognizing that we need to make some changes given COVID-19 and pending budget restrictions, Jen Mortensen will be working to gather event data in the coming days and weeks. She will include the MECs in a strategy, but a few ideas currently on the table are as follows:
    • Report: Detailed report on campus-level Cvent activity, including number of events per user, number of registrants per campus, free events vs. paid events, etc.
    • Survey: Explore conducting a brief survey of Cvent users to assess what their event needs might look like in FY21 (reduced events, reduced registrations, virtual events, etc.). Jen will loop the MECs in as this develops. This could also help us capture event cycles to guide our decision about event-based provisioning.
    • Alternatives: Investigation of alternatives for free events is ongoing, including Dashcord and CU Store Fronts.

License Management Update

  • Update: Thanks to all of you who were able to participate in and/or contribute feedback last week's license management meeting. We're pleased to report that based on login history and the Skillsoft audit, we were able to deprovison 36 users in one of more of eComm's tools.
  • Next Steps: Our work here is not quite complete. During the next month, we hope to tackle the following:
    • Spreadsheet: Improvements to the last login spreadsheet to create easier navigation and information sharing. We'll also be reviewing current use of business units.
    • Policies/Procedures: A review of eComm's policies and procedures around login history, including a possible reduction to a 6-month or 3-month timeline. We'll discuss this more during our May meeting.
    • Timeline: Assemble an annual timeline for both audits and login reviews in order to ensure consistency and outline expected processes.

eComm User Fee Next Steps

  • Update: Thanks to all of you who took the time to join our meetings with Jill Ibeck and provide your feedback re: the eComm user fee and other issues.
  • Next Steps: Jill Ibeck and Jen Mortensen are working on next steps based on our conversation. Jen will be reaching out to you this week to discuss developing documentation of your campus budget cycles that can then be considered in developing a recurring and transparent annual process. 

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