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MEC Weekly Digest | May 11, 2020

SFMC Connector Refresh

  • Issue: As you already know, the SFMC connector has not yet been repaired.
  • Impact: The broken connector results in inaccurate data in SF, including the inability to use IER data and dashboards based on email sends.
  • Solution: We are planning to attempt another SFMC connector refresh on Wednesday, May 27 beginning at 2:00 p.m. The fix attempt needs to occur during business hours in order to have all hands on deck at the COE and System, as well as live support from our SFMC team and case manager.
    • Jen Mortensen and Nonie Roberts are working with SFMC to confirm availability of support. Jen is also drafting a communication to users that we will send pending MEC approval and as soon as details are finalized. We hope to send the message to users on Wednesday, May 13 but no later than Friday, May 15.

Cvent Contract Negotiation and Renewal

  • Issue: As previously mentioned, Nalini Kaplan is continuing to negotiate our contract renewal with Cvent.
  • Update: Jen Mortensen assembled a Cvent user survey that will help us to forecast use during FY21, which will be essential given the climate surrounding COVID-19. The survey was sent on Friday, May 8 with an initial deadline of May 15. We currently have over 20 responses.

MC Business Unit Audit

  • Issue: Nonie Roberts and Jen Mortensen have identified that there are 58 business units in MC03 that have had ten or fewer sends since migration (37 have zero sends). A breakdown by campus can be found in our business unit tracking spreadsheet. (Please contact Jen if you need the spreadsheet link).
  • Impact: Each of our business units costs $300/year (with an estimated 5-7% increase in FY21). The low-use business units amount to an annual cost of $17,400.
  • ACTION: Please review the spreadsheet and start thinking about business units that you may no longer need and/or where opportunities for consolidation exist. We'll discuss a path forward at an upcoming team meeting. 

SF Negative Numbers Update

  • Issue: As originally reported in the October 14, 2019 digest, we are continuing to see negative send data in Salesforce.
  • Update: Jen Mortensen has been working with SFMC since October to get the issue corrected. Last week, she opened a new ticket with SFMC and, with our case manager, identified that the bug affecting our org was corrected in April 2020 (with our last negative send recorded on March 23). However, the bug fix was only for sends going forward, and was not designed to correct numbers for sends that already occurred.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen is continuing to work with the SFMC case manager to determine how we can retroactively correct old sends. Good news: early indications are that a retroactive fix may be possible. Bad news: the SFMC team thinks they have identified another bug (no additional details to share at this point). We've also looped in our SFMC success manager for additional assistance.

Backup Communication Methods Update

  • Issue: In the March 30 digest, Jen Mortensen asked the MECs to begin documenting their campus' backup communication methods in the eComm Emergency Communications and Backup Methods Spreadsheet (a few campus backup methods are not yet documented in the spreadsheet). We had talked about backup methods such as RAVE or other email tools (and even listservs). 
  • Update: For the System office, Jen Mortensen is working with RyAnne Scott in Employee Services to get access to RAVE (there is apparently no cost for the license, and Employee Services will provide basic training). Boulder is using RAVE as a backup method as well. 
  • ACTION: Knowing that a consistent backup approach might be beneficial, please reach out to the RAVE expert on your campus to see if it's possible for you to obtain a license as a backup (Jen Mortensen can assist if needed, so long as you provide the appropriate contact information). 
    • Additionally, there are still some gaps in our emergency spreadsheet. Recognizing that RAVE might be a solution that works for all campuses, we will circle back on the spreadsheet once campus conversations are further developed.

DCRs Report and Update

  • Duplicates from the previous DCR Google Spreadsheet have been merged by UIS. 
  • The All DCRs report captures DCRs submitted in Salesforce by type and status. 
  • Please note that after UIS merges a duplicate in MDM and responds to your ticket, it may take a few more days to reflect in Salesforce.
  • After UIS completes their merge, the duplicates in Salesforce will all have the same Constituent ID. The CoE Ops team then runs a job on Fridays that merges contacts in Salesforce with the same Constituent ID. Once they're merged in Salesforce, Daniella closes the DCR. 

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