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MEC Weekly Digest | May 10, 2021

Users Neglecting to Import Data Extensions

  • Issue: As discussed at our April team meeting, we're hearing more frequent reports of users neglecting to import data extensions before sends.
  • Impact: Neglecting to import data extensions before sends can lead to CAN-SPAM violations.
  • Solution: There are two avenues by which we plan to address this issue:
    • Users Failing to Import Data Extensions: If you identify users who are failing to import data extensions communications, please alert Jen Mortensen, as this falls within our definition of CAN-SPAM violations. Jen will speak to the user (copying the MEC) and ask that the user review CAN-SPAM compliance information and complete a short quiz.
    • All Users: We are discussing whether to require an annual CAN-SPAM refresher training for all users using the same materials and quiz referenced above. Your feedback on this is appreciated.
  • Questions or Comments? Questions or comments on the above solution are welcome. We're definitely open to finding the best way to address these issues and always appreciate your input.

Updates to IP Address Allowlist

  • Issue: Salesforce has announced that it will be adding additional IP ranges and domains to its allowlist on approximately July 15. (View announcement)
  • Action: Please work with your campus IT teams to ensure that the IP ranges listed under the May 7, 2021 revision history are added to your allowlist.

Communication with POIs

  • Issue: The System team heard from a POI who did not receive the recent communication regarding vaccine requirements. 
  • Impact: POIs are likely a population we should be targeting for these types of communications, but their employment records don't exist in Salesforce.
  • Investigation: Jen Mortensen will be working with leadership to determine the best way to address this gap for future outreach. Updates will be provided as they become available.

May Last Login Audit

  • Reminder: Jen Mortensen will begin the last login audit for May today and will have results available for MEC review on May 11. She will send user notifications during the week of May 17 and submit appropriate deprovisioning requests on May 28.

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS Integrations team continuing to investigate.
  • GeoPointe Address Fields: A small group will be meeting this Wednesday to discuss possible changes to the address fields available in GeoPointe. We'll provide updates as they are available.
  • Org Tree Reporting Hierarchy: Work is continuing on the org tree reporting hierarchy.
  • SSL Certificate: Lisa Carr is working on the final steps associated with enabling the SSL certificates to correct image display issues in Google Chrome.

Ongoing Data Monitoring