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MEC Weekly Digest | March 7, 2022

Datorama Next Steps

  • Update:
    • MECs should have received an invite for Friday (March 11) from 10-11 AM to review Datorama. For those unable to attend, the recording will be made available.
    • All users now have access to Datorama. We will notify them of this access, provide wiki resources (with a recording) and host 30 min. webinars. Dates have not been set but we are targeting the end of this month. 

Draft Governance and Roadmapping Model

  • Update: Thanks to the team for your feedback on the governance and roadmapping model at last week's team meeting. An updated draft is now available for review and comment.

CY22 Q1 Business Units and Preferences

  • Update: We'll be wrapping up the Q1 business unit and preference requests this week and will let you know when they have been tested and are ready for use.
  • Q2 Requests: We'll be collecting submissions for Q2 within the next few weeks. Please begin thinking about your requests.

Data Extension Automations

  • Update: As discussed at last week's meeting, we need to determine a path forward for data extension automations given some of the challenges discussed about notifications, clean up, etc.
  • Action: Jen Mortensen will post a poll in Chatter this week to assess your thoughts about next steps. Please keep watch for the announcement and be ready to share your thoughts (including ideas that are not listed).

Delivery of Transactional Communications to Unsubscribed Contacts

  • Reminder: As discussed at last week's team meeting, Marketing Cloud allows unsubscribed contacts to receive transactional communications when the send classification is configured as Transactional.
  • Action: To ensure that unsubscribed contacts receive transactional communications, please ensure the following:
    • When configuring transactional send classifications, ensure that the CAN-SPAM Classification is set to Transactional.
    • When sending an email, ensure that you've chosen a transactional send classification. Choosing a commercial send classification and attempting to override the delivery profile with a transactional option will not allow your message to be delivered to unsubscribed contacts.
  • Resources: Melanie Jones has updated the wiki article Creating Sender Profiles, Delivery Profiles, and Send Classifications to reflect this information.

Outstanding Issues

  • Preferred Name: Jen Mortensen has obtained approval for preferred name from Campus Solutions, HCM, and Advance. We're working with Claire Hamilton and Jeff Benn to determine an implementation timeline. We should be able to provide a more complete update next week.

Ongoing Data Monitoring