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MEC Weekly Digest | March 30, 2020

Documentation of Emergency/Outage Procedures

  • Issue: Recent emergency communications coupled with the multi-hour Marketing Cloud outage highlighted the need to revisit and document eComm's procedures for emergency communications and outages.
  • Solution: Jennifer Mortensen has begun assembling emergency and outage documentation.
    • Emergency Procedures and Backup Communication Methods (note: the System tab is mostly complete; tabs for the campuses are yet to be completed) (request link from Jen Mortensen to view)
  • ACTION: Please review the document above and complete the tab for your campus by Friday, April 9.

Enabling Outage Notifications

  • Issue: Some MECs did not receive SFMC notifications during the recent Marketing Cloud outage.
  • Impact: It was difficult for all of the MECs to be working with the same information when responding to user inquiries and questions from leadership.
  • Solution: Jennifer Mortensen wrote a new wiki, Enabling Product Notifications, that contains instructions on the different types of notifications available and how to enable them. Thanks to the COE and our SFMC team for helping to gather this information.
  • ACTION: Please review your notification settings and update as needed.

Updated eComm Help Ticket

  • Issue: After analyzing the existing Help Ticket, we realized both the form and notification emails were too lengthy and often didn't provide the right information for MECs to troubleshoot effectively. 
  • Impact: Resolving tickets took longer due to unnecessary back and forth with the user. Many tickets also had simple solutions that an available wiki resource could address. 
  • Update: The new Help Ticket (same URL) is shorter and prioritizes the most common requests eComm receives. The notification emails are also shorter and designed to help you quickly access the urgency. Relevant wiki resources will also populate to help users troubleshoot immediately.
  • ACTION: Please submit a help ticket and select your respective Campus | eComm Specialist to confirm you receive an email notification.

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