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MEC Weekly Digest | March 22, 2022

Campus Budget Stakeholders

  • Update: As part of the eComm transition from Boulder OIT to UIS, Jen Mortensen is working with Paula Ramirez, Assistant Director of Business Services, to obtain feedback on the eComm billing process. 
  • Action: Please share the name(s) of your budget team contact(s) with Jen (via email or in the Chatter post) prior to March 30 so that we can begin collecting feedback to inform the UIS billing process.

Data Extension Automations

  • Update: Based on our discussion during the last MEC meeting, we’ve decided to launch a request process for automation of problematic/non-compliant data extensions to minimize the potential for CAN-SPAM violations.
  • Action: If you would like to request an automation or learn more about the audit process, refer to Automatic Refresh of Non-Compliant Data Extensions. Please don’t hesitate to contact Claire Hamilton with any questions.
  • Reminder: eComm users should still refresh all data extensions before every send. The automation process is meant to serve as a backup and does NOT replace the need to manually refresh.
  • Future Steps: There was also discussion regarding the possibility of refreshing data extensions for eComm power users who have large, complex sends involving many data extensions. Although this isn’t something we’re rolling out at this time due to the unique business needs of each campus, it’s definitely on our roadmap for the future as we further explore the capabilities of Journey Builder and Synchronized Data Extensions.

Q2 Business Units and Preferences

  • Action: Please submit your Q2 business unit and email preference requests to the Q2 tabs of the tracking spreadsheet by Friday, April 1. Contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions.

Datorama Next Steps

  • Update: Thanks to those who joined our 3/11 session to review Datorama. Mel Jones would like to host a follow-up session with MECs to address any questions and share findings. Please provide your availability. MECs will receive a calendar invite soon. 
    • All users have access to Datorama. We will notify them of this access, provide wiki resources (with a recording) and host 30 min. webinars soon. 

Delivery of Transactional Communications to Unsubscribed Contacts

  • Reminder: As discussed at last week's team meeting, Marketing Cloud allows unsubscribed contacts to receive transactional communications when the send classification is configured as Transactional.
  • Action: To ensure that unsubscribed contacts receive transactional communications, please be cognizant of the following:
    • When configuring transactional send classifications, ensure that the CAN-SPAM Classification is set to Transactional.
    • When sending an email, ensure that you've chosen a transactional send classification. Choosing a commercial send classification and attempting to override the delivery profile with a transactional option will not allow your message to be delivered to unsubscribed contacts.
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New Wikis

Outstanding Issues

  • Preferred Name: Jeff Benn's team is working with the UIS integrations team to bring preferred name information from MDM into Salesforce. Our expected timeline for UAT is at the end of April.
  • Q1 Business Units and Email Preferences: Work has been completed on Q1 business units and email preferences. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ongoing Data Monitoring