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MEC Weekly Digest | June 21, 2022

Upcoming Team Meeting

  • Reminder: Our next team meeting will be held this Thursday, June 23 from 2 - 3 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there. We will be discussing the following items at the meeting. 
    • Support Transition Update and Communications
    • Billing Reports and Processes
    • Roadmap Update
    • Cvent Custom Domain

Optimizing Salesforce Reports

Cvent Revenue Reporting

  • Update: Jason Thomas expressed interest in assessing the amount of money Cvent has brought in through the years. Checkout a breakdown of money collected for each campus by fiscal year. 
    • Note: It appears the System office has brought in significantly more money in 2022 than any year before. This is a symptom of the Campus field not being accurate. Please confirm the correct Campus is indicated when approving events.

Q3 Business Unit and Preference Requests

  • Reminder: Please submit your Q3 business unit and preference requests via the Q3 tabs of the tracking spreadsheet by June 30.

New/Updated Wikis

Outstanding Issues

  • Multifactor Authentication: A few users have still not enrolled in MFA. Anyone who doesn't take action this week will be deprovisioned.
  • Preferred Name: Work is underway. We will provide an update soon.
  • Cvent-Salesforce Integration: A case is open to troubleshoot discrepancies between Cvent events and associated campaigns in Salesforce.

Ongoing Data Monitoring