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MEC Weekly Digest | June 15, 2020

IER Issue Resolved

  • Update: SFMC has successfully loaded missing IER records into our org. Testing has thus far revealed only small discrepancies, none of which are alarming. A few tips re: accessing IER data are below.
    • Request Tracking Immediately: If you are viewing IER data on the SF Email Sends tab (or if you're seeing data in an IER report that doesn't align with what you'd expect), you may click Request Tracking Immediately to ensure the data you are viewing is current. Results should populate within a few minutes (or possibly longer for larger sends).
    • Reporting: If you are attempting to run a report of IERs for a specific email send, use the report type Individual Email Results with Contact
      • Note: The report type works with the filter of Email Name, but not with the filters of Email Send Number or Job ID. We are determining a fix with SFMC, but using the filter Email Name in conjunction with Date Sent should yield the results you desire. View a sample test report if you'd like to duplicate the logic.

Six-Month Login Review

  • Update: Jen Mortensen sent a deprovisioning notification to users identified on the last login spreadsheet on Monday, June 15. She will submit deprovisioning requests for these users (excluding those who respond with special circumstances) on Monday, June 22.

User Engagement Dashboards

  • Issue: A few MECs have recently started asking about user-level engagement with eComm's tools. 
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen built user-engagement dashboards for each eComm application to help MECs assess how their users are interacting with the tools. The dashboards below are a starting point; if there is additional information you'd like Jen to try to capture, please let her know. Note: use the filters at the top of the dashboard to limit the results to your campus.

Pre-Term Field

  • Issue: Some MECs have been using the Pre-First Term field on the enrollment object to try and exclude pre-first term students from communications. However, the COE created this field for Boulder only, so its logic does not take the other campuses into account.
  • Impact: Pre-first term students on campuses other than CU Boulder are not excluded from communications when this field is used.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen is working with Bill McIntyre at the COE to change the field name to Boulder Pre-First Term so that it is obvious that this field is for CU Boulder use only. Additionally, Jen is having conversations with the COE about adding additional fields for the other campuses so they can benefit from the same functionality.
  • Workaround: If you want to exclude pre-first term students from your communications and you are not a CU Boulder MEC, build an exclusion report using the First Term Enrolled field with the term set to Fall 2020, Spring 2021, etc. (or integrate this logic into an existing report). Contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions.

Extra Spaces after Hyperlinks

  • Issue: Many of us have seen MC emails that include extra spaces after hyperlinks even though extra spaces do not appear in the code.
  • Solution: SFMC activated a fix in our org that should have corrected this issue. Please contact Jen Mortensen if you continue to experience this issue in your communications.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Issue: Non-degree seeking students are currently not included in student reports and therefore don't receive crucial student communications.
  • Solution: The COE is working to investigate how we can include these students in our communications. More information should be available soon.

Integration of Email Opt-Out Field

  • Issue: The global email opt out field is not integrated with Advance.
  • Impact: The System team must complete a weekly true-up between Salesforce and Advance to ensure that the correct values are represented in both systems.
  • Solution: Lisa Carr will be working with UIS to build a bidirectional integration on the email opt out field so that the most recent value is always reflected in each system. More information will be available soon.

Pilots: Dashcord and Subscription Pages

  • Dashcord: Many of you already know that the COE is exploring a tool called Dashcord as a possible, more cost-effective alternative to Cvent for free events. The COE is currently gathering information and requirements and should have more information ready for our review soon.
  • Subscription Pages: In addition to exploring Dashcord, the COE is also investigating options to move email subscription forms out of Cvent and into another tool with the goal of reducing annual Cvent expenses. Jen Mortensen, Jessica Raab, and Amber Bartlett are working with Nonie Roberts on this project. More information should be available soon.

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