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MEC Weekly Digest | June 1, 2022

New Fields on License Object

  • Update: In preparation for eComm's support transition to UIS and the upcoming billing cycle, Daniella Torres has added the following fields to the license object under Billing/Division details:
    • SFMC License Cost: this field is already populated with the FY23 SFMC user fee
    • Cvent License Cost: this field is already populated with the FY23 CV user fee
    • Primary Speedtype: This field is currently blank for most contacts.
    • Secondary Speedtype: This field is currently blank for all contacts and is designed to populated only in cases of a 50/50 payment split between two units.
  • Action: Jen Mortensen will be reaching out to you this week to gather campus/user speedtype information that will populate the primary and secondary speedtype fields. Please be prepared to provide this information so that Daniella Torres can update the field picklists.

Salesforce Emails with Unverified Domain

  • Issue: UCCS reported that they are receiving emails from Salesforce (such as data extension import notifications, chatter notifications, etc.) that Outlook is flagging as an unverified domain.
  • Solution/Action: Claire Hamilton investigated this issue and determined that campus OIT teams should add the following domains to their allowlists:

Preferred Name Progress Continues

  • Update: Daniella Torres has been working with the UIS integrations team and has set up the preferred name integrations in stage. We are happy to report that testing in stage has been successful and that the integrations will be pushed to production for selected contacts so that testing can continue. We hope to have an additional update soon.

Outstanding Issues

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: 98% of users have enrolled in MFA. The few outliers will be addressed with their MEC to ensure action is taken or a deprovisioning request is submitted.

Ongoing Data Monitoring