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MEC Weekly Digest | June 1, 2020

Negative Send Numbers Update

  • Update: SFMC has successfully repaired our negative send data in Salesforce. We'll continue to monitor this report weekly going forward to ensure that the problem does not resurface. 
  • IER Issue: SFMC is continuing to investigate the IER issues. We hope to have more updates by the end of the week.

Contacts without a First Name or Last Name

  • Issue: We've noticed that there are a growing number of contacts uploaded to Salesforce via Apsona who do not have first and last names AND whose first and last names as uploaded do not meet eComm's minimum criteria For example, First Name = fn, Friend of, First and Last Name = CU, ln, Last. View this report to see a grouping of contacts created by MEC.
  • Impact: Emails sent to these contacts that utilize personalization will not be formatted correctly. For example: Dear fn, Dear FN, Dear First, etc.
  • Solution/Action: While we realize that we don't always have a first and last name for the contacts we need to create, the minimum requirement is that you set First Name = Friend and Last Name = of CU so that personalization can be utilized in email communication. 
  • Corrections: Daniella Torres will be working to correct existing contacts to the formatting above based on this report.

Apsona Matching and CU Email Addresses

  • Issue: We've noticed an increase in contacts that appear to have been created via Apsona without first being matched against existing contacts.
  • Solution: In addition to the first name / last name issue above, please remember that you must match your contact uploads against existing contacts in Salesforce to avoid creating duplicates. If you need a refresher on how to complete this process, please review this wiki.
  • CU Email Addresses: We've also noticed an increase in contacts created with CU email addresses, which should not occur. Please review the steps in this wiki to match your contacts before uploading them, and do not load contacts with CU email addresses.

Login Policy Change

  • Update: As discussed at last week's team meeting, we are changing the login audit timeframe from 9 months to 6 months.
  • Documentation: Jen Mortensen has updated the eComm user and supervisor agreements with the new information.
  • Communication: Jen Mortensen posted a policy change notification email in Chatter last week and plans to send it to all users on Friday, June 5. Following that communication, the 6 month login review process will begin.

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