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MEC Weekly Digest | July 26, 2019

Cvent Integration 

  • Issue: There is a problem with the Cvent-Salesforce integration.
  • Impact: Some campaigns are not being created in Salesforce when a Cvent event is launched, and some event registrants are not appearing in existing campaigns.
  • Solution: The COE is working with Cvent to identify the root of the issue and solve the problem.
  • Work-Around: Cvent users should view event registration data in Cvent rather than in the associated Salesforce campaign until the issue is resolved. For those users whose campaign was not created in Cvent, MECs can create a campaign and use Apsona to upload attendee data.

CRM03 License Object

TaskRay now Available

  • Issue: TaskRay has not been available for MEC ticket submissions since the migration to CRM03.
  • Impact: MECs were submitting tickets to the System team via email or Chatter.
  • Solution: TaskRay has been launched in CRM03 and is available for all MECs. All eComm tickets should now be submitted via TaskRay. There are five eComm project categories: Cvent, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Data, Salesforce Functionality, and Other. When submitting a ticket, please choose the project category that most closely corresponds with the issue. Instructions on how to submit a TaskRay ticket are available in the eComm wiki.

Data Dictionary

  • The Data Dictionary has been updated to reflect changes in CRM03 fields, page layouts, and URLs for libraries (e.g. Academic Level, Interests, Majors/Minors, etc.) Daniella Torres is still getting more information on a few fields, but feel free to reach out to her with any questions, comments, or suggestions. 

Accessibility eBook

  • Monica Cutler from CU Denver shared a great accessibility resource, "The Ultimate Guide to Email Accessibility." Melanie Jones is reviewing the guide for items that can be integrated into eComm's accessibility training. You can access a copy of the guide online.