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MEC Weekly Digest | July 19, 2021

License & Provisioning Change

  • Update: The "eComm specialist" License field values have been updated to reflect the support group rather than the name of the individual providing support. For example, previously we would see "Tom Needy" as the eComm specialist whereas now it's "Boulder Adv".
  • Impact: MECs will see this change when submitting provisioning requests and filtering the license Dashboard. Translated values include:
    • Anschutz = Jason Thomas
    • Boulder = Jessica Raab (or Tracy Berger)
    • Boulder Adv = Tom Needy
    • Denver = Claire Hamilton
    • System = Daniella Torres
    • System Adv = Caroline Kelly (or Katie Theiler)
    • UCCS = Eric Nissen (or Kayla Boyer)

Process Change: Publishing Reports to Cvent Portal

  • Update: You might have noticed two recent enhancements when Publishing Reports to the Portal (step 3).
  • Send Notifications: Notify a Portal User when a Report is published without notifying all MECs by keeping the default set to Email notifications: Only email portal guests.
  • Set Expiration Date: Set an expiration date to automatically un-publish content.
  • Action Required: We are seeing 'old' reports still published to the Portal and over 50% not following our naming convention. Please take a moment to cleanup the Portal.

Q3 Business Unit and Email Preference Requests

  • Update: With the exception of a few final edits to business units for CU Anschutz, the business unit and email preference requests for Q3 are complete and appropriate team members have been notified via Chatter. Thanks to Rebecca Lankford for her work on this quarter's requests.

July Last Login Audit

  • Jen Mortensen will begin the last login audit for July today and will have results available for team review on Tuesday, July 20. She will send notification emails on Monday, July 26 and will submit appropriate deprovisioning requests on July 30. 

New/Updated Wikis

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Send Delays to CU and UCCS Domains: We are continuing to work to schedule a meeting between CU and SFMC engineering teams to further identify the root cause of the July 6 issue.
  • Missing IERs: We are working with SFMC to determine if they can repopulate IER data for 148 email sends that occurred between June 15-29.
  • Missing Business Units: Work is continuing to repopulate missing business unit data in email sends prior to June 25, 2021.

Ongoing Data Monitoring