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MEC Weekly Digest | July 12, 2021

Marketing Cloud Send Delays to CU and UCCS Domains

  • Issue: On July 6, Marketing Cloud sends to CU and UCCS domains were substantially delayed. Time-sensitive communications were unable to be delivered appropriately.
  • Initial Resolution: Melanie Jones worked with Boulder OIT and with SFMC to identify the root cause of this issue. While messages were initially not delivered, they eventually appeared in inboxes en masse even though no changes were made on either the CU/UCCS side or on the SFMC side.
  • Root Cause: While we had assumed that the delivery issue was within SFMC, engineers from the product support team are reporting that the messages were blocked because they are being rate limited by Outlook/Microsoft spam protection. SFMC recommends that we engage our internal UIS teams to investigate throttling and allowlist settings that might be contributing to this issue.
  • Next Steps: We are working to coordinate a meeting between a SFMC engineer and CU to dive deeper into a root cause assessment.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Update: The SFMC connector is now functioning as expected with a few data exceptions for sends that occurred from June 15-29.
    • Missing IERs: We are still missing IERs for 148 emails that were sent during that time period and for which Request Tracking Immediately is not functioning as expected. We are continuing to work with a case manager to restore the missing IER data.
    • Missing Business Units: We are still missing business unit data for all sends before noon on June 25, 2021. Our case manager is continuing to troubleshoot this issue as well, and the System team is also exploring options to manually repopulate the data. 

Ongoing Data Monitoring