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MEC Weekly Digest | January 13, 2020

Discrepancies: Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

  • Primary Issue: In the October 14, 2019 digest, we alerted you to discrepancies in tracking data between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud that were resulting in incorrect send data populating in Salesforce (such as negative open and click rates). SFMC informed us that they would be rolling out a fix in early January.
    • Update: A few problematic sends at the System Office now appear to have correct data, but we are continuing to verify. Please check your own sends that were problematic to verify and let us know what you find; examples with details are appreciated and welcome.
  • Secondary Issue: Since October 2019, we've also determined that some email sends are not being reflected in Salesforce at all; it appears that send data was never transferred from MC to SF. 
    • Update: We had hoped that the secondary issue was related to the primary issue and that the January fix would solve it. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case. We have additional solutions from SFMC related to the Connector that we will begin investigating with the COE today.

Failed Send Notification

  • Issue: Marketing Cloud does not send notification emails when sends fail.
  • Impact: Users often don't realize that their sends have failed right away, which causes issues for the effectiveness of their communications.
  • Solution: Failed send notifications are not currently offered in Marketing Cloud. However, you can upvote this issue in the Idea Exchange to increase its visibility. 

TouchNet Update

  • Issue: In fall 2019, the Treasurer's Office announced that it was procuring a tool called TouchNet to help reduce the amount of manual work involved in reconciling Cvent credit card transactions and transferring the funds collected to speedtypes.
  • Update: After working with Cvent and TouchNet to implement the new technology, Cvent determined that what had been offered to the Treasurer's Office was not technically possible as Cvent exists today. The Treasurer's Office is giving Cvent through the end of FY20 to offer a solution. It is unlikely that TouchNet or any other automated process will be implemented in the near future.

MEC Meetings through June 2020

  • Update: Jen Mortensen has scheduled monthly MEC meetings at 1800 Grant Street through June and sent calendar invites last week. We will be hosting these meetings in person and will record them for those unable to attend. Topics are forthcoming and will be announced as the meeting dates approach.

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