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MEC Weekly Digest | January 11, 2021

Next Team Meeting

  • Our next team meeting will occur tomorrow, January 12, from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. We'll be discussing possibilities for an email preference center as part of NextGen. We look forward to seeing you there.

Root Cause: Advance-Salesforce Discrepancies

  • Issue: Over the last several months, many of you have alerted us to discrepancies between Advance and Salesforce for email address, physical address, etc.
  • Impact: UIS has determined that this issue affects 111,747 records.
  • Root Cause: The UIS team investigated this issue and determined that it has been ongoing since the integration went live. The discrepancy occurs when old data is deleted and is replaced by new data immediately afterward due to the order in which data is presented in the transfer.
  • Timeline for Fix: After the spring semester begins, UIS will put a solution into production and will manually push the data for the affected records to resolve the discrepancy.

Cvent Report and Portal Training

  • Melanie Jones will be hosting the final Cvent Report and Portal Training on Thursday, Jan. 14 from 11 - 11:30 a.m. If you haven't already attended a session, please plan to join us and encourage your Cvent users to do the same.

Next Steps for CAN-SPAM Compliance

  • How will we continue to address CAN-SPAM compliance? We've already implemented multiple solutions to this problem, but we are planning to do more beginning in 2021.
    • What are we currently doing?
    • What will we do next?
      • Beginning with violations in 2021:
        • After the first violation, we will contact the user's MEC and require the user to complete a new CAN-SPAM quiz to verify that they understand the concepts required to be an eComm user.
        • After the second violation, we will contact the user's MEC and set their Marketing Cloud permission to Deny Send until we are aware that a corrective conversation has occurred.
        • After the third violation, we will contact the user's MEC and the user's supervisor to determine next steps, including a likely revocation of the user's eComm license. We will also set the user's Marketing Cloud permission to Deny Send until a resolution occurs.
      • We will offer a CAN-SPAM refresher training to all users in spring 2021. Users who have violated CAN-SPAM in the past will be required to attend, but all users are welcome.
      • We are also working with the COE to determine what additional technological guardrails we can put in place to prevent violations. We will keep you informed as these conversations progress.

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS is continuing to investigate.
  • Cvent Subscription Forms and Form Assembly Replacement: The System team is working with the COE to reassess/establish a deadline for moving Cvent subscription forms to form assembly. We'll provide more information soon and will be sure to schedule ample time for a formal transition.
  • SSL Certificate: The COE has completed the work that they can for the SSL certificate fix that will correct image display issues in Google Chrome. We are awaiting final steps from Salesforce to implement the solution.

Ongoing Data Monitoring