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MEC Weekly Digest | February 10, 2020

Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Update: The System team and the COE are continuing to work with SFMC to resolve ongoing connector issues. With the help of Nonie Roberts and working under the guidance of SFMC, we have tried at least five fixes that have so far not permanently solved the issue. This problem is a top priority, and work is continuing.
  • Impact: Issues including but not limited to the connector problem are summarized below:
    • Missing email send data in Salesforce
    • Missing or inconsistent IER data in Salesforce
    • Email send data in Salesforce that does not match email send data in Marketing Cloud
    • Reports based on email send data and dashboards based on email send data may now be inaccurate. 
  • Solution: Once the connector is successfully repaired, we will push all missing data from Marketing Cloud to Salesforce. We will keep you informed as progress on this issue continues.

Negative Numbers in Salesforce Email Sends

  • Update: SFMC has identified that the negative send numbers we are seeing in Salesforce are not related to the connector but rather to a known Salesforce bug. SFMC rolled out a fix in January, but that unfortunately did not fully address the issue. The next attempt at a fix is scheduled to roll out in March.

Sends to Marketing Cloud Data Extensions not Appearing in Salesforce

  • Issue: We've become aware that some eComm MECs and users are sending to Data Extensions (native to Marketing Cloud) rather than to Salesforce Data Extensions.
  • Impact: Sends to native Marketing Cloud Data Extensions will not appear in Salesforce Email Sends, and this is by design.  
  • Solution: If you send to native Marketing Cloud Data Extensions, you will need to report on your sends within Marketing Cloud rather than in Salesforce. There is no other workaround.

 RegOnline User Update

  • Update: During the February 5 MEC meeting, we agreed that the System team would send an email to RegOnline users with a link to a very brief survey to assess their ongoing event management needs. This will help us determine how many inquiries we might expect now that RegOnline has ended service and to plan ahead for any additional license purchases.
    • Jen Mortensen posted a draft of the email and the survey in Chatter. The System team plans to send the email on February 12.

DCR Update

  • Update: Daniella Torres is now able to complete DCRs for contacts with 0 or 1 constituent IDs. You can continue adding duplicate contacts to the DCR spreadsheet, and Daniella will address the 0 or 1 constituent ID pool as she is able. The COE is continuing to work toward resolution for duplicate contacts with 2 or more constituent IDs. 

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