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MEC Weekly Digest | December 9, 2022

Team Changes

  • Melanie Jones: Please join us in congratulating Melanie Jones, whose role has recently expanded to encompass user training and enablement for all UIS-supported CRM implementations including eComm, CU Online, and UCCS recruitment and student success. Melanie's new title is Technical Training and Enablement Lead. We're excited about the opportunities Melanie's expertise will provide to our growing user population.
  • Kelly Miller: Please join us in welcoming Kelly Miller to the CU Anschutz eComm team. Kelly will be serving alongside Jason Thomas and Kiley Kudrna as a communications specialist. Welcome to the team, Kelly!

Team Meeting Schedule and Structure

  • Update: As we've begun launching new eComm features including Journey Builder, Dynamic Content, and Einstein (among others), we've realized that we generally make more progress when we meet with individual teams to discuss their implementation strategy as opposed to convening our larger MEC group. As such, we're rolling out the following changes in January:
    • Campus-Specific Meetings: Jen Mortensen will schedule a monthly meeting with each campus team to discuss support needs and roadmapping. Calendar invitations will be coming soon.
    • MEC Team Meetings: Rather than meeting monthly, MEC meetings will now be hosted quarterly, or as needed when specific topics need to be addressed by the group. Updated calendar invitations will be coming soon.

Action Items

  • By Dec. 13 | Review December Last Login Audit: Given recent role changes on the eComm team, we've fallen a bit behind on our monthly user audits. Jen Mortensen will provide an updated last login audit for October - December by close of business on Dec. 9. Please complete column E of the associated spreadsheet, which will be shared in Chatter, by Dec. 13.
  • By Dec. 23 | CY23 Q1 Email Preference and Business Unit Requests: Please submit your email preference and business unit requests for Q1 of CY23 by Friday, Dec. 23. The team will review submissions for accuracy and will begin work on requested changes following the holiday break.
  • By Jan. 31 | Review eComm User Fee Estimate for FY24: Campus teams received an announcement estimating the FY24 eComm user fee on Dec. 7. In order for the team to continue finalizing the data, please assess your campus' ongoing license needs and report back to Jen Mortensen by Jan. 31. We request that you provide estimates for both growth in and reduction of your campus license volume.

Roadmap Updates

  • Business Unit Management: The team is currently conducting a full assessment of eComm business units and identifying opportunities for an improved structure. We'll have an update for the campuses in January.
  • Contacts without Email Addresses: Jen Mortensen and Daniella Torres are exploring opportunities to reduce storage costs related to contacts without email addresses.
  • Distributed Marketing: DevsUnited has completed work on the CPIs required to target campus-specific email fields with Distributed Marketing. Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres will be deploying Distributed Marketing in our stage environment next week, and we'll have more information about a rollout plan following the holidays.
  • Employee Primary Email Field: Daniella Torres is working to create a new email field in Salesforce that will populate with the employee's primary campus email address to increase efficiency for teams communicating with employees on multiple campuses.
  • eComm User Fee: Jen Mortensen recently announced our FY24 eComm user fee estimates via email. The estimates are based on several cost-saving measures that will be discussed at our first quarterly meeting of CY23.
  • Email Preferences (Existing Model): Daniella Torres and Claire Hamilton identified 70+ preferences that are missing from Marketing Cloud subscription pages and that are resulting in CAN-SPAM violations. They will be working to correct these errors during the next sprint.
  • Email Preferences (New Model): Claire Hamilton has been researching preference center options and is finalizing options for the team to consider. We'll have more information about strategy and proposed models in the new year.
  • Event Management: Jen Mortensen and a small team of MECs have been reviewing several event management vendors to potentially support our free events after July 1. The team is currently assessing options and will have opportunities for MEC review and feedback early in the new year.
  • IER Storage and Big Objects: Daniella Torres is exploring Salesforce big objects as a storage alternative for IERs.
  • POI Integration: Daniella Torres is continuing to work with the UIS integration team on capturing POI data in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce-Only License Level: Jen Mortensen has calculated a Salesforce-only license level that will be launched in FY24.
  • Subscriber Management: Claire Hamilton and Jen Mortensen are exploring Marketing Cloud subscriber management table strategies that will potentially lead to a reduction in overall storage costs.
  • Super User Enablement Opportunities: Melanie Jones is continuing to work on super user enablement opportunities to reduce reliance on eComm specialists. As a reminder, current empowerment opportunities are as follows:

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Einstein: If you'd like to have Einstein enabled in a specific business unit, add details to the Request Einstein spreadsheet by submitting a help ticket and selecting "Marketing Cloud >> Einstein" (no need to actually submit the ticket). 
  • Journey Builder: Learn about using Journey Builder by submitting a help ticket and selecting "Marketing Cloud >> Journey Builder, Dynamic Content or Automation Studio" (no need to actually submit the ticket).
  • Dynamic Content: If you'd like to work with Melanie Jones on a Dynamic Content use case, add details to the Dynamic Content spreadsheet by submitting a help ticket and selecting "Marketing Cloud >> Journey Builder, Dynamic Content or Automation Studio". 

Ongoing Data Monitoring