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MEC Weekly Digest | August 9, 2021

Important: Provisioning Process

  • Issue: 60% of August provisioning requests were submitted incorrectly, thus causing delays in onboarding. If there is any confusion, please arrange a meeting with Melanie. Two important things to remember:
    • 50% of new users failed to sign the eComm agreement, most of whom completed their SkillSoft courses. Signing the agreement only takes a minute, but not signing will hinder new users from being provisioned on schedule.
    • If someone has NOT completed their Pre-Access Requirements, you must call their name out as an exception for them to be provisioned (or they will be held until the following month). Commenting "I approve" (and not calling out a new user's specific name) is only sufficient when all pre-access requirements are complete.

Chrome Users Unable to Cancel Sends in Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: Several Marketing Cloud users recently indicated that they were unable to cancel a scheduled email while using Chrome.
  • Solution: Users should update their Chrome settings to remedy this issue. For full instructions, review our Viewing and/or Canceling a Scheduled Email Send wiki

Users Not Receiving Marketing Cloud Verification Email

  • Issue: After hearing from a user who did not receive Marketing Cloud's periodic verification email, we reached out to a case manager to determine how to best address this issue when it sporadically arises. 
  • Solution: We received instructions on how to resolve from SFMC, and details are documented in a new wiki, "I am not receiving Marketing Cloud's identity validation email. What should I do?" Specific steps to resolution are as follows:
    • First, check your spam folder to see if the message was inadvertently delivered there rather than to your inbox. If the message is not in your spam folder, proceed to step two.
    • Clear your cache and cookies, or use an incognito browser window. Try to login again. If this does not resolve the issue, proceed to step three.
    • Ensure that your browser is fully up-to-date. Try to login again.

Reminder: Cvent Portal Tasks

  • Reminder: As discussed at July's MEC meeting, we're excited to see so many of you using the Cvent portal. With that, there are a few housekeeping items we'd like to address.
    • Action: Remove Old Reports from the Portal
    • Action: Add Expiration Date to New Reports
      • When creating new reports for the portal, please specify an expiration date of 90 days past the event date using the instructions in step three of the How to Manage Reports in the Portal wiki. 
    • Action: Correct Existing Report Naming Conventions and Use Agreed-Upon Naming Conventions Going Forward

Datoroma in Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: You may have noticed that Datorama Reports are now available within Marketing Cloud. Yet when you try to access them, you will receive a permissions error. 
  • Solution: The COE is working with DevsUnited (and external vendor) to explore Datoroma. This exploration will include modifying permissions to grant users access as well as developing best practices for use. We will work with the DevsUnited team to produce documentation for both MECs and users.

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Send Delays to CU and UCCS Domains: We are continuing to work to schedule a meeting between CU and SFMC engineering teams to further identify the root cause of the July 6 issue.

Ongoing Data Monitoring