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MEC Weekly Digest | August 9, 2019

Email Opt Out Field Integration 

  • Issue: The System team and the CU Foundation team are completing manual work each week to reconcile email opt out values between Advance and Salesforce. (See notes from previous weekly digests for more information).
  • Impact: While ongoing manual work is possible, it's not sustainable given the number of regular value changes.
  • Solution: The System team is working with UIS to start a project that will build an ongoing, bidirectional integration between Advance and Salesforce for the email opt out field. We are in the early stages of conversations about this project, but UIS does think this is possible and says: We should re-think the process for opt-outs. We currently master the CRM_03 contact ID in Salesforce, so the MDM-to-CRM_03 contact integration is technically bi-directional already. We would have some additional development work to do if we wish to add more fields (and probably some SFDC development, as well), but we anticipated the need for this and the UIS team has already laid the groundwork.
  • Updates: The System team will keep you informed as work on this project continues to take shape.

August In-Person Meeting 

  • Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts about our in-person monthly meetings. Based on your feedback, we'll be kicking off our August session by sharing success stories and best practices (thank you, Kayla!). 
  • We are also hoping to complete a Marketing Cloud reporting webinar that should help us to build our skills in this high-demand area. The System team will be previewing the webinar content and doing some testing next week to ensure that this will be a good use of our time given the elements of Marketing Cloud to which we have access.
  • We'll also be devoting portions of future sessions to projects we can work on together, such as developing one-pagers that might help guide our users through general best practices and/or more advanced topics, such as A/B testing, accessibility, etc. (thank you, Jason!).

Cvent Flex 

  • The Cvent Flex sub-committee has been meeting weekly to discuss rolling out Flex. Currently, we are in the process of creating templates and a communication plan for our 170+ users. We will let you know as things become finalized so we can identify training dates at each campus. 

Journey Builder 

  • The System team is currently testing utilizing Journey Builder for ongoing communications related to training, MEC information, and large projects (such as the upcoming rollout of Flex). Be aware that you may become part of these journeys based on the actions you do/do not take in response to messages from the System team, so thank you for your help in testing.

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