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MEC Weekly Digest | August 31, 2020

Account Name Required in Apsona

  • Update: Daniella and Kalman worked with Apsona to build a custom configuration for our org that requires Account Name when importing new contacts. Previously, Daniella conducted daily audits for contacts missing Account Name, contacted the MEC who imported them, and mass-updated them. 

Q4 Email Preference Requests

  • Action: If you have email preference requests (new/modify/delete) you'd like to submit for consideration for completion in Q4 of CY20, please submit them by September 14 using the email preferences spreadsheet.

TaskRay License Assessment

  • Update: After reassessing the need for TaskRay licenses during last week's team meeting, we decided that all eComm specialists will be deprovisioned (with the exception of Jen). eComm specialists should now submit requests for assistance via the MEC chatter group.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring