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MEC Weekly Digest | August 23, 2019

Active Enrolled Field

  • Some of you have asked what time span and/or enrollment level the active enrolled field encompasses. Lisa Carr did some research on this and determined that it's populated (true) if a student is enrolled in at least one class for the current term or any future term.

Cvent Flex Sub-Committee

  • Group Members: Mel, Tom, Lauren, Amber, Jason, Andy, Kayla
  • Current Status: Group members are finalizing their first Flex event. Once complete, these 5-7 events will be converted to templates to be rolled out at each campus.
  • Next Steps: As soon as the event(s) have been converted to a template - ensuring brand and accessibility standards, among other things - we will reach out to your campus team to discuss a training schedule and communication plan that works for your users.

Workaround for Active Students and Employees with a Blank Campus Email Field

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