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MEC Weekly Digest | August 2, 2019

Active Enrolled Count 

  • Issue: The COE removed the active enrolled rollup field from Salesforce as part of the Boulder PES project.
  • Impact: Reports that used the active enrolled rollup field were thus incorrect.
  • Solution: The COE replaced the field as soon as eComm requested it. The System team has requested that the COE add a change history to the active enrolled count field. If you have reports that use the active enrolled rollup field, please check them to ensure that the logic is correct.

Student Career Number 

  • Issue: The COE added a new field to Salesforce called Student Career Number.
  • Impact: We do not know why the field was added and are wondering if anyone knows why it was created or how it is used. If you know anything about this field and/or why it was created, please email Daniella Torres.

Sends to Data Extensions Using Marketing Cloud Profile Attributes 

  • Issue: Jennifer Mortensen created multiple profile attributes in Marketing Cloud that work when sending to reports but not to data extensions.
  • Impact: Sends to data extensions with profile attributes other than first name, last name, and email address were not populating correctly.
  • Solution: In order to send to a data extension using profile attributes, you must build your Salesforce report with the desired profile attributes included BEFORE building and importing your data extension. Additional information is available in the eComm wiki.

Cvent Integration Update

  • The Cvent integration issues we've been encountering have been corrected. All Cvent-Salesforce integration should now be functioning as normal, and any missed events or registrations have been pushed to Salesforce. Please verify and let us know if you continue to encounter issues. 

Cvent Speedtypes and Account Codes

  • Issue: The Treasurer's Office informed us that incorrect speedtypes and account codes that violate fiscal rules are being used in Cvent (or were erroneously created in Cvent several years ago).
  • Impact: The Treasurer's Office is spending a significant amount of time correcting these fiscal errors.
  • Solution: Any speedtype in the fund 30 range (example: 134XXXXX, 234XXXXX, 434XXXXX, etc.) have been removed from Cvent. Non-revenue expense codes in the 500 range have also been removed (example: 550100. 550200, etc.). If you have users who request to use these types of speedtypes and account codes, please ask them to consult with their unit's financial administrator.
  • New Content: There is new content on the wiki related to this item. View the Cvent Accounting Quick List and Choosing an Account Code in Cvent. 

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