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MEC Weekly Digest | August 17, 2020

Success Stories

  • UCCS User Group: Kayla and Eric hosted a virtual user group to share successes, update users and follow-up on the recent Salesforce Dashboard release. Kudos to you both for getting high attendance and great engagement on a topic focused on strategy. 
  • UCCS Strategy: Kayla identified an increase in engagement (opens/clicks) along with a decrease in the number of emails sent for UCCS as a whole. Congrats to Kayla, Eric and UCCS users for all their hard work. 

Duplicates Update

  • The COE has developed a new nightly merge process for Cvent duplicates that is more in-line with the MDM merge process at UIS. The previous limit of 900 contacts per night has also been removed, so we should see Cvent duplicates being merged sooner. Since the new process was pushed to production in late June, almost 22,000 duplicates have been merged.

Dashcord Pilot Update

  • Update: After a thorough investigation of Dashcord as a Cvent alternative, Lisa Carr and the COE team identified numerous red flags with the proposed solution. As such, Dashcord is no longer being considered as a Cvent alternative. Additional solutions will be investigated during an upcoming sprint.

Updates to eComm Website

New Wikis

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring