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MEC Weekly Digest | August 16, 2021

August Last Login Spreadsheet

  • ACTION: The last login spreadsheet for August is complete and ready for review (see August 2021 tab). Please complete column E by Friday, August 20.

Campaign Member Report Name Change

  • Update: The report used to create a CAN-SPAM compliant campaign member audience has been renamed from "Campaign Report Upload for MC" to "Campaign Member Report". In addition:
    • The link on the Campaign Page Layout (under Custom Links) has been renamed from "Campaign Report Upload for MC" to "Create a Campaign Member Report".
    • The Campaign Name column has been added to the report in order to easily identify the Campaign it is linked to.
    • The description has been updated. Please replace the pertinent fields on your report and update the description so it accurately describes your report.

Send Delays to CU and UCCS Domains

  • Update: After multiple conversations with SFMC, the July 6 delivery issue appears to be related to an unknown and unidentifiable issue with Microsoft. Since nothing under CU's control changed either before the issue arose nor after it self-resolved, we are unable to investigate further at this time. Instead, we will be having a conversation with SFMC about the support we received and how we can get better assistance in the future.

Ongoing Data Monitoring