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MEC Weekly Digest | April 5, 2021

April Provisioning

  • Provisioning is underway and users have been notified that their credentials are available. First time login calls should occur this week with MECs CC-d.

Marketing Cloud Permissions

  • Issue: Changes to business units and roles in Marketing Cloud were creating discrepancies between Marketing Cloud user data and the license object.
  • Solution: To align with our processes and to ensure accuracy in the license object, we've made a few changes to MEC permissions in Marketing Cloud.
    • Business Units: MECs can no longer manage business units (but can still view them). If a user needs access to a different business unit, please comment to @melanie on their license record.
    • Roles: Roles are granted during provisioning and onboarding and therefore, MECs can no longer modify them (but can still view them). If you have questions regarding a user's access, please comment to @melanie on their license record.
  • TIP: To view these details for your users in Salesforce, navigate to the license dasher and apply your MEC filter. Scroll to find the Active eComm Users component to view a table with these details. 

Pre-First Term Field

  • Update: Quite a while ago, we talked about the existing Enrollment and Education object field "Pre-First Term Boulder." While creating a similar field for other campuses has been on the backlog for some time, Lisa Carr​ and Jen Mortensen are working together to determine if having a similar field for your campus is a priority.
  • Action: If you have not already done so, please comment in the existing Chatter thread to share the following:
    • Indicate if having this field would provide a benefit to you and if you consider the need to be pressing.
    • Provide the summer and fall 2021 start dates for your campus.

Preference Center Update

  • Update: Thanks to all of you again for your input and feedback on requirements for a future preference center. Since we last met, the core team on the effort (eComm and Advancement) has had initial conversations with representatives from two products: No-Code Preference Center and Digioh. We are in the process of scoring them against the requirements, writing our assessment and wrapping up the broader business case. We will share that with you as soon as we are able. From there, we wil share our findings with university leadership and hope they’re as enthusiastic about this project as we are! If you have any additional questions, thoughts or ideas, please feel free to send them to Jen Mortensen and Matt Roush.

New/Updated Wikis

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS Integrations team continuing to investigate.
  • SSL Certificate: Lisa Carr is working on the final steps associated with enabling the SSL certificates to correct image display issues in Google Chrome.

Ongoing Data Monitoring