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MEC Weekly Digest | April 26, 2022

Next Team Meeting

  • Reminder: Our next team meeting will be held this Thursday, April 28 from 2 - 3 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cvent Payment Configuration Reminder

  • Issue: We've encountered several recent Cvent events where the internet merchant account settings are incorrectly configured.
  • Impact: This is leading to funds being misdirected to either the CU Foundation or to CU Treasury.
  • Solution: When configuring your own Cvent events or approving Cvent events for your users, please be sure that the IMAs match in BOTH of the locations below. Refer to the Cvent | How to Set Up Payment Information wiki for additional details.
    • General - Event Information - Custom Fields
    • Registration - Registration Settings - Pricing

Custom Fields

Registration Settings Step 1

Registration Settings Step 2

Dashboard Download Now Available

  • New: Salesforce users are now able to download dashboards for easy sharing with their teams and leadership.

Dashboard Download

Preferred Name Update

  • Update: Due to staffing changes on the integrations team, the preferred name work has been delayed. We now expect work to begin in mid-June. We will provide additional updates as they become available. 

Outstanding Issues

  • Q2 Email Preference Requests: Work on Q2 email preferences and business units is underway. We'll provide additional information as the effort progresses.

Ongoing Data Monitoring