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MEC Weekly Digest | April 13, 2020

Upcoming Team Meetings

  • FY21 License Costs, Thursday, April 16, 11:00 a.m. - Noon: We'll be meeting with Jill Ibeck and Angie Naillon to discuss FY21 eComm license rates. Please feel free to invite appropriate leadership from your campus if desired. A meeting agenda will be available soon. Note: Boulder team, I did not include you in this meeting; please let me know if you'd like to attend.
  • April MEC Meeting, Thursday, April 23, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.: Jill Ibeck will be joining us to discuss eComm governance and the service agreement. More information will be available soon.

Sender Profile Verification Update

  • Issue: As mentioned in the April 6 digest, sender profile verification was enabled in our account with the March 2020 Marketing Cloud release.
  • Update: We have learned that we have two options by which to verify our account and that either must be completed by April 27:
    • Option one: verify sender domains (,, etc.) to automatically verify all sender profiles in each business unit.
    • Option two: manually send verification emails to every sender profile in every business unit.
  • Solution: We have elected to proceed with option one above: domain verification. Nonie Roberts and Jen Mortensen will be working with the campuses in the coming days to ensure that each domain is verified. No action is required from MECs at this time.  

Inactive Email Address Management

  • Update: As mentioned in the April 6 digest, Jen Mortensen and Daniella Torres have been working with the Advancement records team to remove incorrect email addresses from Salesforce. Nonie Roberts is working with Devs United on developing a repeatable process we can follow to mass-remove inactive subscribers from Marketing Cloud. We should have more information soon.

Manual Corrections to Missed Data 

  • Issue: As mentioned in the April 6 digest, we are continuing to see issues where the Advance-Salesforce integration is not picking up changes to email address that occur in Advance to populate them in Salesforce.
  • Update: Jen Mortensen and Daniella Torres have been working with the Advancement records team to update Salesforce records manually in some cases. However, the volume of work involved with manual corrections and the room for human error make fixing the integration our top priority. The System team is meeting with team members from UIS, Advancement records, and the COE this week to determine a path forward.

Optional Items now Available in Cvent Flex

  • Update: Cvent has rolled out Optional Items in Flex. Melanie Jones will be communicating this to users who registered for Flex training in Feb. & March along with MECs. There were several users awaiting this functionality to transition to Flex.

Skillsoft Audit

  • Update: We have audited our active users with outdated Skillsoft courses and will notify them this week (via Marketing Cloud). Users are instructed to complete expired courses by Monday, April 27th to retain their license.
  • Next Steps: Melanie Jones will follow up with the eComm specialists individually as the 27th approaches regarding users who have yet to take action. We'll need to deprovision those who are not in compliance. 

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