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How to choose a Cvent Event Type

Depending on your event's complexity, user's should start with a certain event type. In short:

  • Flex Events are the most diverse and the choice for events with complex features - like registrants bring additional guests, sessions, speakers and post-event surveys. They can be created as 1-page simple registration or incredibly detailed to support a multi-day alumni reunion.
  • Express Ticketing provides a streamlined registration but with tickets, free or paid. It's one step up from Express Registration, allowing different registration items and that can be charged for or not.
  • Express Events are great when your event needs a simple head count without charging for the event.

Compare different event types based on specific features. It's critical to assess your needs before creating your first event, since certain items simply aren't available with certain event types. Once you understand the type of event to use, identify which CU branded template you'll clone and customize.

Compare Cvent Event Types