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eComm Upgrade: Reporting Workshop for External Audiences

The System eComm team hosted a reporting workshop for eComm Specialists on Friday, February 15. The workshop focused primarily on reporting for external audiences (alumni and affiliates) but also addressed key changes to eComm's data dictionary, reviewed the reporting wiki for eComm Specialists, and provided general guidelines for using Salesforce report types and cross filters to further segment the basic audiences below.


  • Degreed Alumni on Your Campus
  • Alumni on Your Campus (degreed or not)
  • Alumni on Your Campus NOT currently enrolled
  • Alumni on your campus by College
  • Alumni on your campus by Major
  • Alumni on your campus by Minor
  • Alumni on your campus graduated in specific year your campus


  • Donors
  • Parents
  • Past/Present Parents
  • Confirmed/Admitted Students
  • Friends