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eComm Upgrade: Report Types Submitted

In preparation for the January 24 reporting workshop for eComm Specialists, CU's eComm team assembled a spreadsheet of the primary audiences with whom our users communicate and identified the Salesforce objects that are associated with them. This information will be used to create report templates that will serve three purposes:

  1. Ensure that eComm reporting is completed according to best practices
  2. Ensure that eComm reporting is as accurate as possible based on the data available
  3. Increase the speed at which eComm Specialists can build reports for CU's communicators

The audiences identified for inclusion are as follows:


  • Enrolled Students
  • Confirmed Students
  • Admitted Students
  • CSU-UNC Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student Employees
  • Executive Leadership
  • Retired Faculty
  • Retired Staff
  • Non-degree seeking students (all, by campus) (+high school concurrent)
  • Regents


  • Alumni
  • Interests (i.e. CU Advocates)
  • Donors
  • Current Parents
  • Past Parents
  • Friends

The Salesforce objects that will be used to create reports are as follows:

  • Contact Object
  • Employment Object
  • Education & Enrollment Objects
  • Interest Object
  • IER Object
  • Campaign Object
  • Campaign Member Object
  • Affiliation Object

A screen shot of the template provided to the COE is below.

eComm Reporting Spreadsheet