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eComm Upgrade: March 5, 2019 Project Update

Nalini Kaplan, Director, Enterprise CRM, Center of Excellence, provided the updates below to the eComm team on Tuesday, March 5.

Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Testing Update

Testing to date has been successful in that it has identified several issues that need to be addressed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Adjustments are being made to user permissions and their granularity to ensure that eComm Specialists are testing with the final user permission set. There are opportunities to combine existing permission sets in Marketing Cloud as well to simplify the overall structure.
  • There were issues with the transfer of assets in Marketing Cloud from CRM01 to CRM03 that appear to be the result of a timeout issue with the API. Devs United is working to re-migrate content from all business units by COB today. A third and final push of assets will occur the day before each campus' migration. Nalini will confirm when the latest migration is complete so the System eComm team can begin comparing asset totals between orgs.
  • Devs United and the COE are working to ensure that the relationships between send classifications and sender and delivery profiles for each business unit remain intact from CRM01 to CRM03.
  • The COE is working to ensure that test materials and COE material are not visible to users in Marketing Cloud during the send process.
  • The Request Tracking Immediately button in Salesforce currently generates an error when attempting to retrieve IER data. The COE team is investigating.

Solution & Re-Testing Timeline

  • The COE is hopeful that needed changes can be made within the next few days and that additional testing can be completed this week.
  • Jen will work on updates to the test scripts to ensure items missed in round one are captured for testing in round two (such as A/B testing).

Migration Timeline

Testing will continue until the outcomes are what we expect. Following that, campuses will determine their migration dates. eComm Specialists requested at least a two-week lead time between successful testing and campus migration in order to accommodate remaining work and provide adequate notification to the users.