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eComm Upgrade: January 31, 2019 Project Update

Nalini Kaplan, Director, Enterprise CRM, Center of Excellence, provided the updates below to the eComm team on Thursday, January 31.

UAT for Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

UAT for Salesforce and Marketing Cloud will likely occur during the week of Feb 18.

Next Phase of Planning

The COE is conducting the next phase of new org planning during the week of February 4. The eComm team can expect more information on upcoming dates and deadlines on or around Friday, February 8.

Readiness Checklist

The COE is developing a pre-cutover/deployment checklist that eComm Specialists can review to ensure that their campus is ready to transition to the new eComm environment. When the first draft is completed, the COE will share it with the eComm Specialists for discussion. While most tasks will be the same for each cutover, we will tailor elements to each campus as required.

Contacts in New Org

Contacts are fully loaded in the new org as of 1/29/19. UIS and the COE are loading related data (contacts, education, employment, etc.) now. Other data, such as campaigns, will be migrated shortly before each campus' cutover date.

Apsona Access for eComm Specialists

eComm Specialists will be given an Apsona license for new org roughly two weeks before their campus cutover date and will lost their license in the old org at migration. If there is a need for specific eComm Specialists to have Apsona access earlier, the COE is willing to work with those individuals directly to address this requirement.

Campaign Sharing

The COE is installing a feature that will enable campaign sharing in Lightning. More information will be available soon.

Email Fields

All university email fields will be matchable in Apsona. 

Salesforce Chatter

The COE is installing a feature that will enable out of office notifications in Chatter. IT requires a setting change in the SFDC development menu. Once this is enabled, all users can go to their Chatter profile by clicking their icon in the upper right of the screen and then clicking their name. Users will then be able to set their out of office start date, end date, and create a custom message.


The COE will know where and when DCRs will be available on the contact after Friday, February 8.

Expected Transfer Schedule

The earliest date on which a campus can migrate to new org will be determined after Friday, February 8. Estimates, subject to change and user testing, point to the week of February 25.