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eComm Upgrade: January 3, 2019 Project Update

Kyle Kirves, the COE's project manager for the eComm upgrade, joined the eComm team on Thursday, January 3, to provide an update on ongoing project efforts.


Integrations work is complete to the point of testing. The COE will be finishing testing with this coming sprint.

Data Loads

Data loads are underway for contacts. This is a significant lift/effort as the data has to be batched and brought into the instance. UIS is handling the data load with COE oversight. Not a block to progress, but the effort is large.

Tools & Apps

Business analysts (BAs) and solution architects are completing tools and apps work. BAs are working in tandem on this work so that in the event a backup is needed, there will be no delays to progress.

  • Continued progress in-house is against the CVENT tool. Escalation efforts with vendor have brought them in line with our needs. While previously identified as a risk, now appear to be all together.
  • SFDC Configuration is underway and proceeds apace with no blocks to progress.
  • Continuing work without delay or blocks on the Simple Send tool with our contractors - expect this work to close on time, target.
  • Marketing Cloud work is in flight as well.

Page Layouts

Page layout work is complete.

Post-February 15 Migration Content

Nonie Roberts is handling the post-February 15 window of content and we will address that as a potential (low) risk at this point.

Reporting Assessment

Reporting assessment is due on January 10th to the COE from the MECs. The COE continues to work on templates for reports for your use.

Overall Progress

From a quantifiable standpoint, the COE has completed 63 of 70 planned tasks (79 total, planned and unplanned) for this sprint. The COE expects the remaining tasks for this sprint to close on time by COB tomorrow (1/4/19). With three weeks remaining, we have about 50 tasks to close out against Minimum Viable Product (i.e., a usable instance of eComm). Not all tasks are equal in terms of size, of course, but we are optimistic we will hit the target with a usable system by 1/25 based on known needs and team velocity.