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eComm Upgrade: January 17, 2019 Project Update

Kyle Kirves, the COE's project manager for the eComm upgrade, joined the eComm team on Thursday, January 17, to provide an update on ongoing project efforts.


Progress continues on all fronts in terms of data integrations, loading, and testing. We’d expected to finish by end of this sprint (Friday), but some of that work will drift into next sprint due to resource constraints, a few vendor delays and some other environmental factors, etc. This delay does not impact the reporting workshop, as a significant portion of the data (but not all of it) will be present. The ETA to complete work on this front is February 1.

Reporting Workshop

The reporting workshop materials are underway and nearly complete. eComm Specialists can expect that this session will be driven by their requests. The team will have the opportunity to say, “I want to do this,” or “I need to do this,” and the COE team will provide answers. This doesn’t mean that the COE will be accepting enhancements for future work during the reporting workshop; the goal will be showing eComm Specialists how to do their work in Salesforce Lightning.

The outline/agenda, with small modifications, is as follows:

  • 30 to 90 minutes on Salesforce Lightning
  • 30-60 minutes on templates
  • Using hierarchies and folders in the session, as FLUP to question from last week
  • Hands-on report building with in-room CRM CoE support

eComm Specialists should try to complete the TrailMix for Lightning prior to the session – some of it will be reiterated or explained in greater details or CU specifics, but it will aid with orientation. Please complete as much as possible.