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eComm Upgrade: January 10, 2019 Project Update

Kyle Kirves, the COE's project manager for the eComm upgrade, joined the eComm team on Thursday, January 10, to provide an update on ongoing project efforts.


Progress continues on all fronts in terms of data integrations, loading, and testing.

Report Writing Workshop

Discussion occurring at the COE and with the eComm team regarding formulating the curriculum for the report-writing workshop (for eComm Specialists ONLY). Collateral will be available for review soon. The initial goals are as follows:

  • 30 to 90 minutes on Salesforce Lightning
  • 30-60 minutes on templating
  • Hands-on report building with in-room CRM CoE support

eComm Specialists are encouraged to complete the custom Lightning TrailMix prior to the session. While some content will be reiterated or explained in greater detail to address CU specifics, the TrailMix will aid in preparation.

Open Questions

The COE is working to address questions from the eComm team, which include the following:

Will eComm Specialists be able to assign folder permissions in Lightning? The Trailmix suggests that it is only possible to do that in Classic.
The COE team is addressing this concern with SFDC. Expecting an answer prior to the reporting workshop.

Can eComm Specialists coordinate business unit migrations with existing sends?
Yes. Migration schedules should take into account planned sends or campaigns on each campus to minimize the effect of the migration as much as possible.