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eComm Upgrade: Field Change History

The COE has completed work on one of the enhancements that will be available to users and eComm Specialists after the eComm upgrade is complete: a field change history.

Each Salesforce contact contains over 500 fields of information about that individual, such as the email address communicators use regularly. In addition, fields such as education records, enrollment status, degree information, and affiliation type help us to target our audience reports to ensure that emails get to the right people and serve their desired purpose.

As part of the eComm upgrade, the COE has completed adding a field change history to fields that CU's eComm Specialists determined to be of the greatest value. Each Salesforce object (such as contact, education, and enrollment) can contain a field change history on up to 20 fields, all of which are reportable.

Currently, the field change history has been added to the following fields (and others can be added in the future if needed):

Contact Object

  1. Email Opt-Out
  2. Do Not Contact
  3. Primary Email Address
  4. UIS Preferred Email Address
  5. UCB Email Address
  6. UCD Email Address
  7. UCCS Email Address
  8. SYS Email Address
  9. Advance Geocode
  10. Home Zip Code
  11. Business Zip Code

Education Object

  1. Degree Awarded

Enrollment Object

  1. Active Enrolled

Employment Object

  1. Action Field

The field change history will be available in the Contact History for each CU constituent. An example is included below.

Contact History