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eComm Upgrade: February 26, 2019 Project Update

Nalini Kaplan, Director, Enterprise CRM, Center of Excellence, provided the updates below to the eComm team on Tuesday, February 26.

User Provisioning

  • Provisioning of eComm Specialists in the new org was completed last week (for Marketing Cloud and Apsona; Salesforce provisioning was completed in January)
  • Provisioning of users for each campus will be completed for two weeks before migration date in order to allow a cushion for final preparation and user communications

Migration Planning

  • Detailed migration planning is in progress – Nalini will provide an update on the eComm Specialist steps on Thursday – we discussed them a couple of weeks ago and each eComm Specialist will get a migration planning steps/document.

Testing and Data Validation

  • CoE functional testing of Marketing Cloud and Salesforce complete
  • CoE data validation complete within Salesforce from MDM integration and initial data loads
  • CoE continues to address remaining data issues – they are minor at this point
  • CoE will provide test plans to eComm Specialists shortly – today or tomorrow

Cvent Integration

  • CoE continues to work with Cvent integration team on testing and loading records


  • Kalman has loaded 16 million campaign member records so far into Salesforce